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New Game For Business

Create new ways to generate revenue with game base technology : Unity, Unreal, Virtual Reality,
Augmented Reality, Simulation with Hardware Integration.

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We are the first virtual reality studio in Thailand.

All of our team members are serious gamer and virtual reality enthusiast.
Our services include Game development (PC &Mobile), Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Tour, Mobile Application, Chatbot, 360 Video production, Virtual Reality for Exhibitions and 4D Booth Creation.


Gamification as a service, Unity, Unreal, PC Game, Console Game, Mobile Game.

Mobile base application development, Ready to use AR scanner.

Video or 3D embed AR on real world object, Location base AR solution.

Training Simulation with hardware integration.

Virtual Tour Solution, Virtual Showroom, 360 Video.

Deus Chatbot system that gives you more than just communication.

Our Services

Deus Chat

Deus Chatbot system that gives you more than just communication.
Because we have a system their can easy to get accessible smart and support all your needs.

Deus Chatbot

We understand that a lot of business suffer from the outbreak. Our hearts go out to those who lost their jobs and businesses.
We believe in finding a new fun revenue channel for your business.These are the projects we launch during this pandemic.

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Virtual Tour

Let's builds the most powerful and flexible tools for anyone to create and publish a 360° Virtual Tour.Thousands of individuals, amateurs & professionals, from around the world are more creative and selling faster by building their Virtual Tours with Mad VR Studio.

Virtual Tour

Mobile friendly virtual showroom with E-commerce integration.

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